25 thoughts on “Aquilani, il piccolo coccodrillo”

  1. if this guy is as good as he looks i wouldnt care if he kisses a photo of adolf hitler everynight before he goes to bed, as long as he can score goals and set up.


  2. Maybe all players coming to the EPL should have to fill out a questionnaire before they can sign to make sure their politics aren’t offensive to Gordon and his cronies. Gimme a break…

  3. johnp2002 no u are an idiot ..the guy collects busts and pics of mussolini .i speak italian the info was easy to find .also wikipedia ,de the german site
    in his own words ” foreigners are only a problem in italy ” bill shankly would have turned in his grave..

  4. il solito italiano che mette la politica su tutto. tua madre scopa a destra o sinistra? esci da facebook sei indesidarato.

  5. I wouldn’t care if he goosen stepped all the way to Anfield with a copy of Mein Kampf under his arm. What hs personal beliefs are is his business, the game in England has no political agenda.

    Football turns into a game for cheats when you allow politicians to get involved – See Serie A for details.

    Benvenuto a Liverpool Alberto!

  6. John, sorry to say but Aquilani is a fascist. Everyone in Italy knows it. Abbiati, Tacconi, Sereni, Aquilani and Di Canio are all fascists, they even say it themselves.
    So Aquilani buzz the fuck off Italy please, we dont want you!

  7. Are you an idiot he’s not a fascist. Where do you get your information from? Thats a serious thing to say about someone and you shouldnt just makes these claims if you cant back them up.

  8. We had grobbelaar at anfield for god sakes and the man was openly racist with his team mates an was one of the greatest shot stoppers ever in england! Politics never had a place at anfield! Who cares about his beliefs hes a great player and thats all that matters

  9. as much as i admire him as a footballer dont want him playing for the pool ,,hes a fascist for christ sakes !! he keeps pics and busts of mussolini and doesnt like foreigners .i read the italian press – non si deve giocare a liverpool !!

  10. xabi alonso’s replacement………roma have told him to prepare for life in premiership…….. nice player……..welcome to liverpool 🙂

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