Alberto Aquilani V Bologna 23.10.2010 Alberto Aquilani back again to total fitness and featuring for Juventus. He\’s currently on mortgage from Liverpool FC ( who head you signed Poulsen). Aquilani had an all round game providing good service to the front males, producing crucial tackles and interceptions.
Video clip Rating: five / five

25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani V Bologna 23.10.2010”

  1. Grande Aquilani

    certo che mandar via Aquilani per prendere Poulsenn… hahaahahahhaahhaaha grazie Hogdson hahahahahahaha

  2. okay aquilani, it’s time for you to come back. fuck jeventus, liverpool is your home

  3. he better come back he’s better than poulsen. everyones better than poulsen,…. even titus bramble

  4. Brilliant work. One thing though: Add longer transitions. Kinda like 00:07 seconds. 😉

  5. yes you are ready to patner pirlo ,de rossi, marchisio with azzuri uniform.
    last time you played against spain in euro 2008 for suspended pirlo..
    now you can show your skills

  6. @pwt10 If the Ballon D’or shortlist is a reasonable judge of how good a league is then the PL looks better as all the Italian-based players on the list come from one club (Inter) whereas the English-based players come from 3 separate clubs, one of which is in the bottom half. Surely this shows we have more quality spread around our league?

  7. All down to Purslow..shipped Aqua out before another payment was due. Despite what everyone thinks Rafa didnt pay £20mill for him, he only put £5mill down initially, good business really.
    But now they’re both gone and we’ve Hodgson and Poulsen, and we’re in the bottom 3..joke

  8. he wasn’t given enough time at liverpool, there was one game against burnley where he tore their defence apart. Hope he comes back.

  9. @pwt10 Do I give 2 shits about what Fifa think? The same people who refuse to input goal line technology into football. As I said, the Premier League IS the best league in the world and has been for years, no question.

  10. @8gerrard8 Premier League has only 3 players listed for Balon d’or and none are English. End of.

  11. @pwt10 Torres, Rooney, Gerrard, Drogba and Fabregas are better than ANYONE that plays in Italy, fact. Premier League is and has been the top league for many years now.

  12. @8gerrard8 i’m saying italy is better than england for aquilani, and i’m saying the premier league has only 3 players listed for balon d’or and none are english.
    what makes no sense???

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