Aquilani speaks about his Liverpool career

Alberto Aquilani said that he has regret about his Liverpool career.

The Italian midfielder was touted as being the next best thing in football when he signed for Liverpool in 2009 but will fail to make an impact at Anfield. Indeed, he was signed in order to replace Xabi Alonso, who was moving to Spain but will fail to replace the Spanish midfielder.

However, the career of Alberto Aquilani was hindered by injuries. He could not make an immediate start after coming to Liverpool because he was injured and most of his time at Anfield will be marred by injuries. Indeed he only managed to make 18 appearances in the Premier League and could only manage one goal during that period.

When asked whether he has regret on the way his career has been with Liverpool he said yes. He admitted that he would have loved to stay longer with Liverpool, but unfortunately he could not make a decisive impact on the team. He said that injuries hindered his career and that he did not have time to adapt to the Premier League. He stated that he was even more affected when the manager who brought him to Anfield, Rafael Benitez left the team. He stated that he lost all his bearings and could not find a way back in the team. Continue reading Aquilani speaks about his Liverpool career

Alberto Aquilani\’s future is growing uncertain at #Juventus and there is speculation that his place in the national team is also at risk.

Alberto Aquilani&aposs future is expanding uncertain at #Juventus and there is speculation that his place in the nationwide group is also at risk. – by BenMadridsta ( Abdulaziz Marzouq)

RT @thisisanfield: Two great opinion pieces on the site today. One Spearing\’s future – and on Aquilani\’s return –

RT @thisisanfield: Two fantastic impression pieces on the web site right now. One particular Spearing&aposs foreseeable future – and on Aquilani&aposs return – – by COS277 (Cathal O\’Sullivan )