25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani – Liverpool FC 09/10 Passes, goals, Assists”

  1. Bring him back! I heard we might do if Juve don’t pay. Gerrard,Meireles, Lucas, Aquilani and Shelvey would be a good set of midfielders. But come back Aqua we got Suarez and Carroll the good times are starting to roll again and you’ll have a much better time under Kenny who loves pass and move. Which is what Aqua is based on.

  2. Hodgson bought:poulsen, jovanovic, meireles(good) and konchesky
    Hodgson loaned out:aquilani, insua, riera and benayoun

  3. i dont understand why that fucking cunt hodgson, bought poulsen and loaned out Aquilani, i fucking hate hodgson and hope he never steps foot in liverpool again.

  4. roy is a mother fucker he brought jovanovic, konchesky, poulsen,and all that garbage chucked mascherano and aquilani out fucked up the central midfield

  5. @dmryozan Since Liverpool nolonger has carlsberg as the official sponsor, they celebrated Carlsberg with having it written in chinese.

  6. aquilani is a very energetic, intelligent footballer. the kind of person who links the midfield to the forwards. why on earth is he not in this midfield?

  7. @StevenGfinnan lucas dwells on the ball far too much. his mind is not quick enough to be a great footballer. whenever he gets the ball he takes about 4 seconds to pass it on again. lucas is not better than aquilani, mascherano, alonso, gerrard, hamman or even sissoko… he is therefore the worst central midfielder we have had since god knows when!!!

  8. SO WE GAVE HIM FOR A LOAN AND GOT POULSEN !?!?? that mus be the best trade in football history !

  9. He’s been treated terribly by Hodgson and Rafa. How can a player of this quality be left in the cold like that?. Let’s hope he comes back and Kenny treats him right.
    I literally haven’t seen him put a foot wrong when he played for Liverpool. Sure he didn’t set the world alight, but he shouldn’t be expected too. He picked out a pass brilliantly and the goals he scored were really well taken.
    Should never have been shipped out on loan.

  10. why da fk wud he come bak to us?

    he wud hav to be a fkin clown to come bk to a ‘sinkin ship’ such as us

  11. This must be the biggest transer miss of the history of football. We got Poulson for Aquilani and will probably loose money..

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