25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani – The number 8”

  1. @LiverpoolMediaRobin because lippi is a dick..
    he just fucked italy…
    he was bribed to take all the oldies like canavaro

  2. lol in the goal at 3:27 he has all players but his own goalkeeper in front of himself, kinda opposite offside I’d say XD

  3. i can not understand why lippi bring him to the worldcup

    i bet he is better than Montolivo

  4. Too bad for the quality. Could you please upload the movie in higher quality? You can hardly see the ball on this… thanks!

  5. @guasto47 Good question. Probably, like Cassano, didnt fit into Lippis so called “schemes”.
    But I’m sure Prandelli is more flexible with his “schemes” 🙂

  6. he has everything as a footballer in his position, passing, positioning, shooting ability, intelligence, space and time and massive passion for the game.

    he should do well at liverpool with mascherano covering his back he can go and play make with gerrard and torres and bang in goals as well.

  7. Agreed. when gerrard plays does anyone else notice that lucas is a bit cagey. And when gerrard doesn’t lucas plays like a free man. Confusing tbh.

  8. i hope he will be able to cement a place in the italy squad after all these injuries. And i hope u liverpool fans give him a chance cause i’m pretty sure that outta all the club fans in the premiership i must say liverpool r the most demanding

  9. lucas can finish, but when you got the likes of torres and stevie g in the team you dont have to finish, and i dont think he has confidence going up and attacking because of the shit most hypocrit pool fans give him. if we got behind him then he’d then he would have the confidence to go up and score and create goals.

  10. When he was not injured he did play all the time.. unfortunately he was injured most of time.. Hope he’ll have better luck now.

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