25 thoughts on “U21: Italy – England AQUILANI GOAL”

  1. Rooneys bin poor this season, personal problems, even tho its obv all about torres, ..

  2. @donRageme arrogant? so, whats rooney? rooney has onl been good this season. first time he scored over 30 goals.
    liverpool have just fired benitez, so i wouldnt be so sure united are going to stay on top. even chelsea are better than them now. liverpool have lots of great players, both senoirs and youth.

  3. @7IAmRonaldo7 hahaha, yeh ronaldos doing well at madrid nw though even his own fans are booing him, what a player, more like a arrogant stuck up pretty boy that has no strength wot so ever or he might just like to dive when contacted the fuckin pony, rooneys a top player, 1 of best in europe n nobody can deny that, only some1 who has no clue about football would though, pfft.n thts coming from a liverpool fan.

  4. @donRageme u kidding me, right? i could score 30 goals, even more in fact, if i had the amount and quality of chances he has every season.what did he say when asked about why he can’t get as many goals in one season as ronaldo could? he said that their different kinds of players. you know, he’s right actually, ronaldos a goal scoring winger, rooneys and arrogant, idiotic dope with no ability, whatsoever

  5. @7IAmRonaldo7 rooneys 1 of best strikers in the premier league, only 3 tht stand out, drogba, torres n rooney, rest just have lucky spells!

  6. how can u say that about a manager who got us more points in 1 season than any other manager has in 20 years????
    how can you say that about a manager who got us to winning a champions league final and being robbed coming 2nd 3rd 4th almost every other time??
    how can u be so fucking stupid?? with what the retarded yanks have given to him, he has performed fucking miracles. deluded cunts

  7. metal masher…
    you live in a dream world… all you idiots who think that its down to rafa.
    your not forgetting that last season liverpool scored the most points in the EPL than they have for 20 yeras!!!! they lost 2 games all fucking season!!!! 20 years!!! its like you expected godlike status this season. we have injuries, many unlucky games where we are robbed. put those 2 together and ur going to lose a lotta games.. and confidence. your so deluded.. rafa has to sell to buy.. ffs

  8. Liverpool need to buy a young stiker to accompany torres like bojan or mario balotteliand then in midfield a young player like marek hamsik to replace “magical lucas” or seasoned midfielder like van der vaart or a defender like eliquim mangala whos like 17

  9. thats like saying a concrete floor is more comfortable than being stabbed. still, rooney sucks.

  10. The best player to sign is Peter Crouch. I am sure it will work wonders. Imagine Marking beanpole Crouch and Speedy Torres. This is powerful. We don’t need anymore short strikers. We want to make Torres the short striker

  11. i think its better if we get rooney,,, i thnk he can provide better than vorotin

  12. Yeaahh Adriano Is Free And likes to party all night and miss training
    i think he should sign ronaldiniho
    and get him back to full fitness
    then u;ll have a player on ya hands rafa
    do somethin clever for once wil ya

  13. we need like 3-4 10 mil signings to give us some real depth. Forget the 20 mil signings we just need a plumped up squad.

  14. I agree. If the owners has backed Benitez we’d have better strikers than Voronin backing Torres up. C’MON U REDS LETS BEAT THE MANU SCUM

  15. Rafa certainly needs to be given a chance this season. Its the directors fault for not releasing more funds to get the players that rafa wants. He is making the best out of what he have. Taking benayoun out wasn’t such a bad idea, considering he is a good player and he is certainly needed fresh for upcoming games in the abscence of gerrard n torress

  16. lets just hope he can stay fit for the season.. i think this season could be rafa’s last unles he delivers something, im getting tired of his reign.. its time for a chnage i think, he has time to build a squad amd win the league but he has failed to do so..

  17. i agree, as much as i love Benitez he can be a nob. we had a couple of good support strikers in Crouch then Keane who wernt given enough time,especially Keane,and he never owns upto his mistakes and is not good with players on a personal level.

  18. yes he does use right foot, he always cuts in then cuts out he’s tricky and skillful.

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