25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani”

  1. aquilani is much better than alonso to be honest cuz he is younger and he is full of potential in him!!!!

  2. aquilano is much crapper than alsono sorry and any player in the world(expect michael essein) wouldnt be able to change liverpool season

  3. I’ve been a fan of his for a while now. He’s more active than Xabi and will complement Gerrard and Torres really well.

    Welcome to the mighty REDS! Fuck Man U and all the Southern Scum!

  4. what a signing he is, he is gonna do somethink special this season
    this league is ours this year

  5. yesss mann, bring on the prem next year! champs this year defoo! he looks immensee!

  6. kicking manu ass… yes thats what he’s going to do. He’s going to kick ManU’s ass so bad this season

  7. alberto comin to a kop near you! cmon rafa sort it out and d villa!!with the money from alonso!!

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