25 thoughts on “Liverpool Reaction To Signing Alberto Aquilani”

  1. if we make it permanent in january it would be perfect to get a bit of extra money to spend elsewhere….not being funny italian players and the style they play would NOT fit in our current liverpool team (why aquilani probably didnt work in the first place). players from serie a may do thouugh, i.e. vucinic.

  2. @Hasselnorris he is one heck ov a player guys, hes such a great provider, he could very well replicate and even exceed providin quality balls forward like xabi alonso……but he was never given a chance by roy.i mean how do expect a player to do great in a matter of 2months after such a major injury that he had !!!
    roy should’ve given him a chance….really

    LFC for life
    You’ll Never Walk Alone

  3. Hahahaha

    So stupid that we loaned him to Juve, ok he didnt have the best start but we didint really give him much of a chance! Id much prefere him playing than lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This scene is off a movie the 4 people are orignally models that all die from a car explosion right after thi scene LOL 😛

  5. What the hell is this video??
    well any way it is funny seeing fernando torres acting dump!!

  6. this is so shit its hilarious, one of the funniest things ive seen for a long time, i needed this after the season we just had.

  7. @Hasselnorris its his first year give him a break just because he hasnt scored 25 goals doesnt mean hes bad

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