22 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani laughs out loud in interview”

  1. Why did we let Aquilani go? Really awful decision to let such a classy player leave and bring in Poulsen. Don’t mean to scapegoat because Poulsen is not as bad as people are making him out to be and I thought he played well yesterday against Napoli, but that was a shocking piece of business by Liverpool.

  2. I hope Aqua doesn’t start feeling unsettled. I like the guy, and I think he can play an important role rotating in with Cole, Gerrard, and Lucas. He does a great job moving the ball forward. It’s not the same way as Xabi Alonso, but it’s the same effect. He just needs to get a bit more of a chance. And Rafa sure as Hell wasn’t going to give it to him.

  3. I fookin’ love both of these guys, but Alberto is my favourite LFC player! I hope Roy will let him play this season, unlike Rafa 🙁 Show the Premier League what you’re made of, Alberto! YNWA.

  4. @faizfitri Best in the world no doubt! His bald head brings him great luck in goal. I love when he comes out at Anfield and waves to the fans before every one of our home games. Hope Aquilani comes good!

  5. @hubcaphubcap i think reina is the best in the world.. 3 times golden glove award winner in epl!

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