25 thoughts on “Glorious shot from Aquilani”

  1. @davidcaspian hmmmm well filham just noked juventus out an tontham and city are ahead of liverpool

  2. ok…the EPL i a great league and no the National team does not cuck. England has a good squad every time they go to the WC. Great squads actually. The problem is that they choke just like Spain has in the past. Italian football is so boring!!!

  3. this argument is so dumb.
    if you go back to lie the 90s and early 2000’s
    italy was dominating all through europe
    even back 2003 ac milan vs juve final.
    2005 ac milan again vs liverpool
    2007 ac milan again vs liverpool
    the last few years dude to the financial imbalance england and spain have taken over.

    and if the EPL is of such quality
    why does there national team suck ?
    because theyr whole league consists of good players from other nations!!!

  4. ahaha m8 im from australia too.
    but im sick of people whining about this.
    we had a player up from a huge bresciano dive
    and we still couldn’t capitalize
    italy out played us by miles and deserved to win.
    and it clearly wasnt a dive if you watch replays neil got
    in his way he had no were to go.
    if you wer the ref at the time you’d of called it too!

  5. That’s slightly exagerrated..i doubt Wigan,Stoke, Sunderland and Aston Villa could turn over Inter or AC Milan

  6. any 1 off the premier league top 10 can beat a seria 1 top 2 team in a 2 leg match (to prove its not luck)

  7. The premierleague is far superior to serie a as you can see each year when all four of our teams get through to the quarter finals atleast and we have had 6 english teams in the finals in the last 5 years one year having 2 english teams. I do except though that serie a have some quality players in there league like Amauri. Diego, Eto’o, Giovinco, Pato, Cassano and a few more but the EPL is a much better league.

  8. The standard of the serie A is terrible. Mid table clubs in the premiership could beat Inter Milan or Roma.

  9. premiership sucks. seria a is nicer. the reason why is that in serie a you will find 18 good teams, while in premier 4 (or five at most) are very strong, and all the other teams are of poor quality.

  10. Elegant vs rough ?
    Are u fucked ?
    The EPL Is the best and most difficult league in the word

  11. actually if you were smarter you would know that a good 5 players in the serie A are in the competition. btw your comment just demonstrated your stupidity and your ignorance on this matter. england’s league has a lot more money to not only renew the stadiums but also to publicize their players more. cassano is easily in the top players these days yet not half of the football world knows his name. why? because he’s not in the commercial business called the EPL.

  12. seria a… cheats, bribes, bungs, failed dope tests hmmmmm shitty slow boring football… how come not 1 player from serie a is up for the ballon d’or????? exactly…fuckface

  13. Not if they played on a snow covered pitch on Boxing Day! The third best attended league IN THE WORLD is the English CHAMPIONSHIP. Keep your sunny weather and samba football thanks! 🙂

    Sport is about competition, not abstract quality. England has got it right. Regardless of the standard, football will always be a huge part of British culture.

  14. Lmao telling me i know shit about today’s football means nothing because I guarantee I know more than you, EPL teams need bank shots off of beach balls in order to score…

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