Aquilani vs Wigan

As voted by MKB members. In an all spherical shite team overall performance, a excellent twenty minutes from the Italian proved MOTM worthy.

20 thoughts on “Aquilani vs Wigan”

  1. Your punctuation is horrible, cunt. There should be a space after your commas, fucking retard.

  2. As you all see,he has replied with the most educated answer…another gangsta wannabe,go get educated,your punctuation is terrible.Im perfectly ok to voice my opinion,good footballer though.

  3. Aquilani will be loaned out..what a joke…we need strenght in depth roy…this i hodgsons first mistake

  4. Just read Liverpool are gonna loan him to Juventus, so effectively they now have Poulsen(poor mans Roibbie Savage) and no Aquilani. Stupid on Liverpools behalf. Id love to have a player like Aquilani at Newcastle. They should loan him to us not Juve 🙂

  5. @TintinCompilations yeah i know mate! i ment “SHIT HOW HE PLAYED GR8” do u get it ladd? YNWA

  6. No! I mean a shite team performance, but only 20 minutes from him and he was better than any one else playing, lol.

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