25 thoughts on “bye bye alberto aquilani”

  1. @KOPKID95
    Aquilani will remains at 110% in Juventus.
    Aquilani and Krasic are the best footballerrs of Juventus.

  2. I was excited when J Cole joined Liverpool but then the news about Aquilani moving to juventus just ruined every thing. no wonder why Liverpool is at the bottom half in EPL. 🙁

  3. @KOPKID95 I think he would be staying at Juventus, he said it himself at the press conference. “England was a great experience, but I am here to stay,”

  4. @deadmat1
    Gerrard can play in the centre of midfield alongside Lucas or Poulsen. Joe Cole is currently taking the position that Alberto is best suited to. However Joe can also play right or left midfield too. Alberto should and could have stayed at Liverpool so it’s a real shame he’s in Turin this season. The option to buy clause is indeed a worrying prospect.

  5. actually now that i think about it he is exactly what liverpool are missing right now. they need a creative presence in midfield who can threaten to score. hahahaha. nice job loaning him out. rafa barely even played him so if he really impresses at juve, which he probably will with diego gone, expect to lose a player you desperately need.

  6. @Northbound89 yeah but if he’s that impressive juve will just buy him. they have a clause that makes him theirs for something like 15mil euros.

  7. his talent is such a waste in liverpool. they thought they were getting a holding mid but they were getting one of the most creative attacking players in the world. he will never have a place in their team because of gerrard, and gerrard plays where aquilani should be playing. he will also be a waste at juve, because they waste players like him (giovinco). he shoulda stayed at roma, and taken his rightful place as the heir to totti.

  8. Ha you dont know what an option to buy is? if he plays well he stays , if he stays injured or lost his game he goes back, thats it.

  9. @rodrigofaraj22 hey u see mancity game looks like we needed aquilani insted of mucas i mean lucas and its too bad because i got ‘aquaman 4 ‘ on the new kit so lol

  10. Roy said he loaned Alberto out with the full intention of bringing him back next season.
    It’s just it’s sad with him not getting that much game time last season and now he’s loaned out for a whole season. That would be demoralising for any player.

  11. and By the way.. if he gets the position he wants in the national team. forget about coming back and belive in these words i said mate

  12. this year juventus has a dream team full on each position, great players and great transfers, PEPE, Motta, Martinez, lanzafame had came back, Bonucci not forgetting The Hit Players KRASIC and AQUILANI. Juve will give hell this year 🙂

  13. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa come hereeeeeee albertoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo w juve
    juventus come back, the old lady.
    w la vecchia signora… w del piero …torneremo più forti di prima. grazie reds!

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