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  1. @ lokophillipssent:

    Go and look at the position that they both play, they ain’t meant to be banging in many goals… The assists, the play making and holding the midfield together are the most important. Lucas will never go up into attacking midfielder because you already have Gerrard, Kuyt and Reira doing all that… Lucas is simply there to bring the team to 11.. When “aquilani” is back, regardless of how good he is, will be playin far more often than lucas

  2. @ NarutoAtVeoh
    Actully lucas is in brazils first team squad…dum dum. lucas is more likley to get u more goals n assists than anderson is…dum dum…..ask man utd lol.

  3. i might just believe the granny business lol but lucas being better than Anderson?? Are you mad mate??

    Anderson is the guy in the Brazilian national team whereas Lucas dosent even get a game in the Under 21’s

  4. nani???? my granny plays better than nani…… and by da way i think lucas has been better than the 18 million brazilian man that manu bought…i think he is called anderson…

  5. im sorry but you just got to face the truth, lucas really is awful. Nani, when he matures, will be a really important player for us just like Ronaldo was. I dont think he will be as great as Ronaldo but who could see Ronaldo was going to be as good as Figo in those days??

    Nani is the one with the future not Lucas mate!

  6. rafa is being an idiot..he doesnt play who needs to be played..and he changes up the tactics wayyy to much,…veronin is always on the bench,…wen he shud be played way more than babel..or lucas..

  7. nani is shit he tryin to hard be like ronaldo which he never will be
    lucas has got get prosprets ahead of him

  8. not exactly – benitez said he bought aquilani for his offensive short passing in the oppositions box and just outside it, he’s got great technique and more flair than alonso I think

  9. mrernie. Agree with what you’ve said EXCEPT that thats what Aquilani needs to show. Aquilani is more of a pass and move player.

    That cross-field pass isnt as big a deal as some are making out, but what they didnt show was him sprinting into the box straight after to try and meet the cross.

    He’s not alonso, he doesn’t need to pass like alonso. He needs to be himself, show some quality, and hopefully help us start smashing teams 😛

  10. Funny how many Man U fans have to watch Aquilanis progress, like they are worried about what he may possess, and then feel the need to make a typical immature cheap comment. I do wonder how many Man U fans are actually real fans as apposed to glory supporters

  11. haha … this guy is gonna save scouse … what a joke … rafa is gonna get fired … waste of money …

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