25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani interview Liverpool FC”

  1. haha funny stuff mate. you should do other clubs and countries as well though. thatd be awesome!

  2. haha, thats funny, well done, i hope if aquilani did see this he can take the joke! i wish he’ll come back to anfield after his loans over, i don’t think he will though……

  3. @ridderh3
    I am not even Liverpool fan but I can still knew that he wasn’t real Aquilani. My point is any football fans can recognised that he wasn’t the real Aquilani.

  4. @ReinasScarf

    Jesus wept.

    A laugh?


    How friggin’ old are you? 12.

    Do you go to the game?

    Does the lad who did this?

    I understand that this is NOT funny.

    Me using You Tube? I use it to download some of the great times I’ve had at the game.

    Something I fear neither of you would understand.

    Toodle Pip.


  5. @adblock109er You’re clearly the “sad friggin’ indictment of our thick society” for not understanding that this is a bit of fun. This guy is clearly a Liverpool fan and to me it looks like he’s having a laugh as opposed to trying to make a name for himself.

    If YouTube should be banned, why are you using it? Thick fucking loser. Why don’t you try and do something with just an ounce of wit? Instead of uploading awful quality videos that you’ve filmed while you’re at the match.

    You utter loser.

  6. The reason why You Tube should banned. Unfunny blerts like this who think they can create a name for themselves with absolutely no talent whatsoever.

    Sad friggin’ indictment of our thick society.

    As funny as aids.

    Try and do something with just an ounce of wit.

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