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Alberto Aquilani Goal Denmark vs Italy 2 2 HD

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Aquilani Future Unclear

With the Italian season just about to kick-off there are a number of players who still have not defined their future and one of those examples is Fiorentina’s Alberto Aquilani who is expected to have talks with Fiorentina within the next few weeks or days.

Aquilani’s contract with Fiorentina expires on June of 2015 but the Italian midfielder was recently rumored to be on the radar of many clubs in the MLS but taking into consideration that the summer transfer window is only a few days away from being shut down, it looks like Aquilani will remain performing in Serie A for at least another season.

Ever since Alberto Aquilani made his move from Liverpool to Fiorentina, the veteran midfielder has managed to become an important figure for the club of Vincenzo Montella as he went on to makes 31 appearances helping the Italian outfit on securing the 4th spot in the previous edition of the league.

Vincenzo Montella has maintained a fairly low budget during the summer transfer window having signed a number of players on loan deals while others were added to the team without breaking the bank. Even though no big name performers were added to the squad, Fiorentina usually manages to squeeze its way into the top spots of the Italian League and since Aquilani is reaching the last few years or seasons of his career, he is eager to finish it on a high note and help Fiorentina on getting even higher spots than previously before.

The Europa League is an objective that Aquilani will be aiming for in the next season for his club.

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Aquilani Unclear About Future At Fiorentina

The future of the Italian midfielder Alberto Aquilani is unclear with his agent, Franco Zaviglia not sure about what is going to happen with his client at Fiorentina.

Aquilani still has a 1 year remaining with his contract at Fiorentina but with more clubs launching offers and displaying interest in the central midfielder, he is being linked away from Fiorentina but nothing official has been made.

Fiorentina is believed to have received interest and possible offers from Ac.Milan and Athletic Madrid for Alberto Aquilani. Ac.Milan is a club where Aquilani already has experience playing as he enjoyed playing at San Siro some years ago on a loan deal and during his time there, he made a number of impressive performances.

Aquilani’s agent,Franco Zaviglia told the media: “You’ll have to ask the magicians about the boy’s future. The situation is at a standstill. There has been no recent contact; the last contact was a month ago. What is the boy hoping for? That’s a question for him, not for me. I haven’t heard from him since the World Cup. I repeat the situation is at a standstill because it’s been a month that we haven’t spoken.”

The Fiorentina player took a plane to Brazil as he was named in the list of players that Cesare Prandelli announced for the 2014 World Cup but Aquilani had to settle with a place on the sidelines of the team and never managed on making a single appearance.

Aquilani wants to continue playing an important role for his club and try forget about the disappointing journey that Italy went through in this years’ edition of the World Cup where he failed on playing as well as having to witness his nation not being able to get past through the group stages.

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