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  1. Im a boy. If you look at my name you can clearly see that LFC is in capitals, which is deliberate.

  2. What makes You think I was Making Fun Of You? lol I cant call you by the long name you are using so obviously youre a girl bec it says jahanGirl so youre a liverpool fan so I called You Livergirl. I act think its a cool name nothing to be upset about. Yeah I get it he said he speaks a little Italian not much so I get it i didnt notice he had said that…

  3. What makes You think I was Making Fun Of You? lol I cant call you by the long name you are using so obviously youre a girl bec it says jahanGirl so youre a liverpool fan so I called You Livergirl. I act think its a cool name nothing to be upset about. Yeah I get it he said he speaks a little Italian not much so I get it i didnt notice he had said that…

  4. I dont understand why youve called me ‘Livergirl’? If youre making fun of me, its not funny at all. Im not saying hes not Italian, im just saying he said that he ‘speaks spanish and SOME italian’, so i didnt know if he was italian. Judging by his surname, youre probably right that he is Italian.

  5. well Livergirl The guys last name is Mastoloni. So how much More Italian can he get? 😛

  6. Well he told me to make the list of what I think is wrong about his opinions. I watched it because I thought it would be a good video, but it wasn’t and he said he speaks a little italian so i dont know if he is italian.

  7. about this problem. Just Type Craig Johnston and youll find videos about him its easy. Ps: One of the Things you shouldnt forget about the British is that Theyre Past Great Players all came from diff countries like wales ireland scotland so they were never unified to do well. players like Rush (Wales) Dalglish (Scotland) and George Best (Northern Ireland) never played with the like of Bobby Charlton Bobby Moore and Gordon Banks. If Best had Played for England Surely England would have done more

  8. I noticed you said British Talent is Overrated I happen to agree its just that in Britain they dont teach children to play the ball or be Technical. They favour Power Fitness and Speed this is why British Youth are not as talented as French Spanish German Italian or South American Youth. There is a good video an interview made with Former Liverpool Legend Craig Johnston You should check it out its good he talks about the problem plus if you listen to the interview about his career he talks

  9. Now i think with those signing Liverpool will get Top Four next season if we strengthen those positions. Its Depth that we need though to challenge for the Title and since were not super rich like City or Chelsea we have to rely on our youth. You never know if we move forward we could win the league in 3 to 5 years.

  10. now this guy is class hes been superb at Sporting and I think he would be terrific. 7 Di Natale he can def score! 6- Klaas Jan Huntelaar 5 Pato I know hed be expensive but not so expensive that we cant afford him 4 Luuk De Jong this guy is one of the top scorers in holland and he’ll do great for us 3- ALvaro Negredo Great Player. 2- Roberto Soldado also great 1- my top target would be Fernando Llorente hes the guy that will get would get between 25 and 35 goals a season hes the Man for us!

  11. at Liverpool alongside Suarez but Realistically there is no way we can afford them so heres my list of the ten best candidates available (acc to my mind):10-Leandro Damiao (hes good not great maybe but would still do a decent job for us coz hes purely a striker and not a creative attacker, in other words he’ll put the ball in the back of the net and thats what we need badly) 9-Guisseppe Rossi hey why not? hes good and he can be great. its worth a try. 8- Ricky Van Wolfswinkel

  12. as well as Nicolas Gaitan from benfica or Jesus Navas from Sevilla. Mrek Hamsik or ARjen Robben would be Terrific but they both would cost a lot plus Robben is a bit Selfish. Jiri Jiracek from the Czech Republic is also a good option. So i would buy a Winger and of course a Striker. Now the STrikers you mentioned i dont know why the club never thought of Matri hes effective but we need someone who’ll get you 30 goals a year. My Dream would be to sign Cavani or Falcao I think theyll be Legendary

  13. and kelly. Now we have a lot of central midfielders Allen Gerrard Sahin Shelvey Lucas Henderson. Thats a lot already and specially since theyll be other players like Coady shining in the future. Now I would buy a Winger coz even though Assaidi looks Terrific and we have Sterling and Pacheco thats still not enough bec we need a World Class or maybe nt World Class but a terrific and experienced Winger who also Scores loads of Goals someone like Munain from Bilbao would be Great

  14. Roysten Drenthe is another good player. i would give Enrique until summer to prove himself and if he cant then sell him too. Our Center backs our good so no problem there but Carragher will retire in the summer so we need a top Quality Center Back in the Summer I would try to get Simon Kjaer since hes a top Def who also plays with Agger in the Danish Side so they know each other. Right back isnt a positioning that needs strengthening since we have Glen Johnson whos great as well as Wisdom

  15. I dont think Enrique is Good enough tbh and Downing is Shit whos not improving unlike Henderson who is. So i would keep Henderson and Sell Downing for hopefully somewhere between 5 and 10 million and get a new left back. Keep an eye on Nacho Monreal hes a very good left back from Spain I think he plays for Malaga if im not mistaken. hed fit the system perfectly and since Malaga are in Financial Trouble why not try to get him? if not this guy then Aly Cyssokho from Lyon is good too.

  16. Now what I would do right now at Lfc? I would make five major changes between now and the next season. Either get two players in january and three in the summer or vice versa. A New Goalkeeper lets be honest Reina isnt the goalkeeper he once was. Hopefully he’ll get better and even if he does we still need another one. Jones needs to prove himself and so does Gulasci. i would pro leave the goalkeeping spot like this until the summer to make this decision though…A New Left Back

  17. down the wing and not in the middle. The Girl thats thrashing you is clueless if she thinks hes better in the middle hes a future fabregas or iniesta not a Xavi or Alonso thats Allens Job and Lucases. Now keep an eye on Morgan Ngoo and Coady. These guys will be special just like Shelvey Suso and Sterling are. Wisdom and Robinson will be great too.

  18. how he’ll lift the team up. i would also do this if Sahin goes on playing like ton and esp if lucas returns from injury. I would put Lucas Allen and Sahin in the Middle and bring on Shelvey and Gerrard on. Up front i would put Borini in the middle yes why waste him on the wing suarez on the right or left, right bec he played for ajax and left maybe bec he cuts in a lot, this way he’ll shoot with his favorite foot. On the other wing i would def play Sterling and Bring on Suso yes i would play

  19. Now when it comes to Joe Cole I agree the Guy earns a lot but hes also qulaity when hes fit and would do well in this system but hey he earns a lot so lets replace him yeah. Ok Now this is gonna sound Crazy but I think youre right about Gerrard. Even Though Hes a Terrific Captain I too Think his Performances arent like before (except against United hopefully if hell play like that always then no problem) but the thing is if he doesnt play like then yes bring him on the last 30 minutes imagine

  20. not getting Dempsey was a Crazy Fucked Plan! specially since we have no proven goalscorers. Carroll who i hate you btw was better then nothing

  21. and each time they didnt sign him permanently? add to that we liverpool didnt sign him when we could have done so twice! So clearly the guy has a bad attitude or something. Im not Questioning his Ability but his Attitude. Now add to those two I would have kept bellamy and kuyt but they too wanted to leave. Kuyt and bellamy would have gotten us more goals then andy carroll which btw i would have sold anyway even if we didnt get Dempsey. But yeah I agree selling Carroll and

  22. ok first of all good video. Second I too would have kept Maxi and Aquilani but the thing is acc to Rodgers Maxi wanted to leave bec he wanted to return to argentina and end his career there. Plus he wanted regular football at his age. Aquilani I would have kept too bec he fits the system perfectly but the thing is Aquilani clearly has a commitment problem. He doesnt have the Passion or else Rodgers would have kept him. Ask Yourself the Question why did he go to Roma and Milan on loan

  23. omg can you give the guy a break. Its his Fucking Opinion if you dont like it why do you watch it? hes Italian he knows more then you!

  24. wow you seem to have an impulse against me. I like it…keep your comments coming :). I pronounce them like that because THAT IS HOW THEY ARE PRONOUNCED! I speak Spanish and some Italian! Know your shit before you talk about me personally.  I don’t care if you bash my opinions, but when you get personal you cross the line.

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