NSW: Home&Away – Alberto Aquilani a Liverpool

Liverpool: giovani talenti giocano in trasferta, dentro e fuori dal campo. Alberto Aquilani, centrocampista romano trapiantato a Liverpool dal 2009, incontra Paolo Elmo, ideatore e fondatore della Upitup Data, nonchè dj e animatore delle serate di musica elettronica più interessanti della città.
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  1. @ThaAngelus1 from 1:25: the people of this city are very warm, you can tell that they care for their players. when you go out on the street..when you score a goal..you can feel their appreciation for you. /// the lifestyle is srsly very different from italy.

    dont know if you still needed this translation cuz he left dang. -.- as an italian i wanted him to stay there as an ambassador of italian football abroad lol -.-

  2. @ThaAngelus1 i’ve been living in england for 7 months. so from august. it was hard to adapt to the language, the time and the food, but now i’m good. since i came here i started playing golf, i thought it was a sport that wasn’t even near to my taste, but now i’ve grown quite attached to it and i enjoy playing it.//i’m fine here, even though my life is a bit meh cuz i train a lot during the day then i come back home late, so i don’t go out a lot. but i saw that there’s a lot of ppl out on friday

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