The Fiorentina manager Vincenzo Montella has said that he is not thinking about the title as of yet and is only thinking about that next match. Montella will be preparing his team to face his former club Sampdoria during the weekend. Since taking over the managerial job at Fiorentina in the summer, Montella has done an excellent job that has once again taken Fiorentina to the upper levels of the Italian Serie A table. The team has struggled in the last few seasons, but they are in a position where they can qualify for the Champions League next season. A lot of credit has been given to the new manager Montella.

This has been his best spell as manager following the loss to managerial spells at Roma and Catania, which have not tasted more than a season. He is currently enjoying a win rate of more than 60%, which has helped Fiorentina move into the third position in the table only behind the likes of Juventus and Inter Milan. Yet, the manager is not willing to get carried away with the talk of winning the title this season because he thinks that Juventus and Inter Milan are far better equipped to maintain the challenges throughout the end of the season.

“I think it’s right to be realistic and understand where we come from. Being realistic means we need to see how things develop game by game. It will depend on us, but also on our opponents. If they make big investments in January, then the gap between us can only grow. We could aim for third or fourth place. But it’s too soon to draw any conclusions,” said the Fiorentina manager. He has said that finishing in the fourth place and qualifying for the Champions League is a respectable aim for the season.