21 thoughts on “[NEW] AC Milan Vs Napoli (2-1) Alberto Aquilani Goal (Serie A)”

  1. @EmadNaqvi07 So you’re saying that if 2 players REAAALLLY don’t want to be here, you should let them play anyway instead of new signings that already know the pace of the English game and had far better seasons than either of the former?

  2. @mossga suck a dick you fucking retard. take those liverpool-tinted glasses off and tell me what your team has achieved this season with Adam and Henderson.

  3. @Dbx125 Adam is a good player? remind me of his stats to show me what he’s done for liverpool so far? and henderson WILL be good. he’s playing pretty shit at the moment. when you need that extra bit of guile in a match is when you need players like Aqua. granted that Aqua has done as much for liverpool as adam, but a retard is going to argue that adam is the more skillful with the ability to unlcok defences. you know why Suarez is so vital for ‘pool right now? because he has SKILL and TECHNIQUE.

  4. @7892396 selling good players for worse players? yeah its a bad bad decision. had you ever heard of Mr. Ronaldo (the fat one) before PSV? every player, good bad or shit, starts from obscurity. but selling quality players for average british players? yeah its a travesty

  5. kenny is a legend, but fuck sakes letting go of aqua and mereiless just to save wages is the biggest fail ever.

  6. @EmadNaqvi07

    WTF are you blabbing about fool. Bebe is a pathetic player. About the level of a championship player. Adam is a good player…Henderson WILL be a good player in time and Lucas is A PROVEN FACT WITH STATS THAT PROVE he is one of the best Defensive Midfielders in the league.

  7. @MegaJoshinho shut up you fucking prick, cant even spell his name right, go and support Citeh and join the bandwagon.

  8. @EmadNaqvi07 So buying a player you’ve never seen before is way worse than selling players to make room for new signings

  9. getting rid of Aquilani (and Meireles for that matter) in order to keep Adam/Henderson/Lucas is probably the worst managerial decision i’ve seen. way way worse that Bebe’s signing

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