25 thoughts on “Konchesky out, Downing in, Meireles or Aquilani & why LFC aren’t Man City”

  1. Jovanovic should be offloaded he is on 130k a week LMAO !
    Yeah and its true about Mata? Why don’t you be a bit open minded and accept it was poor business by Liverpool to spend £20m on downing when there was no lack of wingers for sale ? Have you actually seen how crap he is for England ?

  2. @ASAMOAH24 All i can say is, i will be having Downing and Caroll in my fantasy football team. 😉

  3. @acejacko23 sorry Afonso, lol. i know he’ll do a job, but all I heard was that we’ll spend intelligently. the irony is, he actually makes our team look a whole lot better.

  4. @ASAMOAH24 Firstly, not to be clever, but *Afonso* was his name lol.

    secondly, actually no i did not care, it showed ambition from steve gibson. but we made a mistake and he was a flop.

    also, liverpool have MONEY….20 million probably is nothing to the chairman. enjoy downing, really, you will.

  5. @acejacko23 what do mean why do we care? So when you bought Bruno Alves, you didn’t raise your eyebrows at the price tag. Look how shite he turned out to be. Please fella, don’t get me started.

  6. @ASAMOAH24 Im a Middlesbrough fan, so ive been interested in this Downing transfer. Downing was born and bred in boro, and also was our best player for 3-4 years, so i still watch him. What i don’t understand is, why you people are moaning about the £20million price? why do you care? it’s not your money….

    It’s been done so get over it, you won’t be moaning if he helps you into top 4 next season will you? which he probably will do…

  7. Greg, Downing is not worth 20 mil it’s as simple as that. Just because he’s a seasoned prem player doesn’t mean he should cost that much. Ozil cost 15 euro for Madrid yet Henderson costs 20 for us. English players prices are inflated for no reason. None of the players we’ve bought in this window, have achieved anything of note, yet they cost so much. madness!

  8. be interested to know why you became a lfc fan and how?
    isn’t being a ‘soccer’ fan in USA make you very differant and niche?

  9. Meireles & Aquaman ARE BOTH STAYING! man city should NOT qualify for CL…no argument about it…if we go by financial fair play……… as a LFC fan i dont like the man city but as a British supporter i do respect the team because they are developing a top class team that puts us on the map once more with the rest of our top teams like LFC, Arsenal, Manuz, chelsea , spurs and so on.

  10. @Corelfc You really wanna start the “non-Liverpudlian supporter isn’t a true LFC supporter” argument? You really wanna do that? Fine. No King Kenny, no Bill Shankly, no Luis Suarez, no Pepe Reina, no Lucas Leiva, no Aquilani, no Meireles, no Dirk Kuyt, etc.

    By the way, Rafa didn’t loan Aquilani. It was Hodgson. Rafa left before any player transactions were made last season. All LFC fans know that, yet not you? And you say I don’t know what I’m talking about? I’d shut the fuck up if I were you.

  11. you dont know what your talking about, your not a true scouser so dont nok what people say when they dont like 20mill for downing. Keep Aqua he shoudnt be sold hes been good everygame stupid raff loaned him, we could of got some one beter player for downings price but cant complain he gets job done. You cant just read aload of stats and think your giving peope an indepth recap on lfc, i have to say i disagree on a few points u r making

  12. @LFCtvUSA also, the aquilani passes that led to the goal were met with insua’s pace down the left flank and his crosses:) i mean, we have a good future left back from the looks of it. but aquilani was class! if only his half-field shot went in!! dammmm:(

  13. @alibabas123 I saw. That’s exactly why I’d like to keep him around. From the looks of John Henry’s twitter, by the way, it appears that Aquaman is going absolutely nowhere.

  14. ermmm you should have seen aquilani in malaysia, he was boss!!! watch it man!!:)) imo he shouldn’t go and king kenny will work his magic on him! perfect for a touch and move play:)

  15. Im a Irish red, Really good vid but id just like to say even though he didnt start regular witch city shay given IS worth 5 mill

  16. we do not need mata, we have cole,aqu,raul for that position, id keep aqua younger and so much talent if given the chance.

  17. @WellDope No he fucking isn’t you moron. Downing outperformed Silva last season whilst playing in a shit team and he gets fucking stick. Silva was almost a flop at that price.

  18. David Silva was a bargain at 24 million. He’s up there with Xavi and Iniesta.
    Total appearances 44 (* + 11 as sub)

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