22 thoughts on “Juventus 1-0 Lecce Alberto Aquilani goal 17-10-2010”

  1. @DKP4 I have 2 reasons why i think roy loaned him out ….First i think they wanted to free up salary cause they expected this torres thing to happen and maybe wanted to offer him more dough to keep him …second maybe roy didnt think aqua fit his system ….what kills me is aqua is very creative and can play all midfield positions very well …he would have been very good this yr …lets hope he comes back

  2. there is not need for another support for torres cause torres is a lone ranger up front, just put meireles and aquilani in the center and have gerrard as the support for torres…..the thing that liverpool have to change is they defensive, and also they mentality….

  3. Nobody knows who’s decision it really was, Roy could have been following orders from above.

    Maybe Aquilani wanted to leave.

    Truth is, we will probably never know….

  4. apparently he wants to make the loan move permanant. an awful decision by roy to let him go in the first place

  5. Roy Hodgson are you watching this is why you should have kept him instead of loaning him out

  6. our most underated player every match he played for us he was fantastic and still didnt get his game

  7. @NotOriousboi i agree but you cant say raul is not doing well hes pretty good…

  8. When they talk about not having enough support for Torres, why the fuck did Hodgson loan out Aquilani, one of the more creative players, and buy Christian Poulsen? Seriously wtf? Aquilani was just finding his feet and turning in some good performances, why bring in new players to replace him? Anyways, I hope Juventus don’t take the decision to buy him, so I can see Aquilani back at Merseyside.

  9. see what pool is missing. first xabi now alberto. raul is not doing any good at the moment.

  10. Cos Roy’s a genius don’t you know, far better than that foreign scoundrel Benitez, Just you wait he will come good, maybe not today, maybe not even this week, in fact it may take a few years but he will get promotion!!
    Benitez was hounded out for finishing 7th when all the media was saying that the squad he had should finish higher, maybe even win the league, now the media are saying its not Roy’s fault Liverpool are 19th, its Benitez’ for leaving a poor squad, hypocrisy!

  11. This sort of thing begs the question – why the fuck were Liverpool so keen to get rid of Aquilani? (And don’t say anything about Christian Poulsen okay?)

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