Daniele De Rossi is not that much surprised to see Juventus struggling

Daniele De Rossi is not that much surprised to see Juventus struggling in the Italian top tier at the moment because he believes it’s not easy for them to recover from the loss of some of the legends who had been pivotal in their squad for a number of years.

Juventus lost the likes of Vidal and Pirlo at the end of the last season and according to De Rossi, it would take some time for the other guys to develop and be good enough to fill those big shoes.

La Goeba faced Udinese in their first game at home and lost 1-0. They were expected to bounce back on their Roma visit, but, the performance was on the same lines again and Roma secured a 2-1 win with Pjanic and Dzeko striking for them.

De Rossi, who got booked during that game at Stadio Olimpico, was pretty ecstatic with the win over the reigning champions, but, he also pointed out in the post match interview that his team lacked energy for a little period in the second half which could have proved costly.

The 32-year old was quoted as saying, “The first half I thought we were bang on, but, there was certainly a period after the break where it seemed we were sleeping.”

“The game was always in our control though, but, when you are aspiring for the title and you are taking on the big teams, you have to be on the toes for the full duration. You cannot afford even the slightest bit of lapses.”

When asked about Juventus, De Rossi said, “Well, they are in a bit of a transition at the moment. Some of their big players have gone out and they are not easy to replace.”