Aquilani vs Reading 13/01/10

Annoyed how a lot of men and women and fans mentioned he played awfully, so felt obliged to upload this video, showing his array of passing and potential to set up attacks, as opposed to any other player that night. It was his 3rd start for the reds following ten months, and as a result i think he had a great game. YNWA
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Aquilani vs Reading 13/01/10”

  1. @Exino Not necessarily sold, but I think we no longer have a choice to keep or not. I think it’s all up to Juve, and the way he’s playing there, there’s no way he’s coming back. I just knew this season would be the break out he’d need. Just look at Lucas this season

  2. well 3rd game……not enough experience playing in bpl…at his stage that is the best peformance….any new bpl players can do

  3. @LoisxLFCx5 thats absolutely not true. look now. maybe second but not after liga and german. remember ac milan most titled club in the world

  4. @LoisxLFCx5 serie a average teams are way better than other average teams in other leagues. just look at fiorentina, this year is 7th, i think, and won twice against liverpool, arrived 1st in cl group, and played way better than bayern monaco.

  5. believe that aquilani is the best alternative choice for changing xabi alonso figure.

  6. he is broken, next year he will come back to italy! good job for liverpool! thanks for that 20 milion!

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