24 thoughts on “Aquilani V Lecce 22/10/2011 by MilanKakaBaros”

  1. this is how its revelant ”While we all slated rafa for signing this guy for 20m ”Btw I did get pissed of when rafa signed him.”

  2. How are any of these things your telling me relavant to my comment? I critisised kenny for loaning out “out our most creative midfielder” That does mean he should of stayed. Then you come along and justify how good he is…You are clueless!

    Ps next time you even think of questioning someones inteligance make sure you dont reply to your own comment.

  3. he was unfit in a new culkture to adapt and hadnt played in over a year yet turned out multiple MOTM’s assists and goals. Does that enter your measuring? he then was sent to juve were he was player of season by a clueless hodgeson, he then had a storm fo pre season at lfc were evrybody raved but went to milan in which that week scored to beat spain, is top of assists and top of the league with them. getting results against barca at the nuo camp. will be gigling to himself

  4. yes a fu**ing divy, sorry but clearly you have no clue about football or the inteligence to make an educated, logical basis of opinion. People like you rile me up mate.
    let’s look at it properly shall we. he was reffered to as a god at roma, in italys recently international winning side. Obvious technical efficiency.
    In the few games at the end of the season for us he played,

  5. his transfer record is second to none, nobody has a perfect record, but the players he got with the money he got was nothing short of amazing. He was left to assemble a team with pennies and freebies, i ,e maxi, degan krykios ngog. His overall net spend for 6 seasons was just 66 million, in premier league terms we had no right to finish above 8th, if you get the figures right.
    we finished second and then 7th ebcause of administration
    and i hope he doesnt replace kenny,

  6. at last someone who agrees with me! and aquilani isnt lfc quality for me but hes better than adam!

    british players are overpriced and overated and underskilled for me.

  7. Rafa had his share of bad Transfers but damn did he have an eye for talent , infact our youth team is hugley influenced by him. still his him a lot. hope he can take over once kenny retires.

    and dont forget Anfield was a fortress under rafa.

  8. Why the F**K did Liverpool let him go. His awareness and vision are truly world class. Watching that chip pass at the start gave me real boner and that ball to Cassano made me ejaculate.

  9. The amount of time on the ball is determined by how high the opponent team is pressing you. Some teams in the EPL prefer to defend deeper while others like to push high up

  10. Oh that one. I thought you were talking about the 2 long balls from inside his own half…

  11. It really isnt, So you’re going to tell me that you have enough time on the ball in EPL? Im not denying Aqua man is a fantastic Player, but i just dont think he’s cut out for the high tempo of EPL…

  12. Thanks MKB, I really appreciate you still making videos for Aquilani even though it must hurt to know he’ll probably never wear the iconic all-red kit again. I was disappointed to see we let Aquilani go so easily (again), but now I’m devastated because he’s in really brilliant form this season. Especially compared to Adam and Henderson. I’m certain he would’ve stayed if Kenny really wanted him to, but I don’t think he was in Kenny’s plans. Our loss.

  13. Aqui has been such a great acquisition, I’m glad he’s in midfield now and not as trequartista as he was in the start, hopefully he’ll keep this up and improve!
    His pass to Cassano was out of this world!
    Thank you mkb! hope to see more vids from you with Aqui etc!

  14. Thing with this is, Its the Italian League, Look how much time he has on the ball. He wouldnt have half off that time if he was back in England.

  15. @neverbelieveing meireles transfer had reasons beyond performance, torres good riddance, mascherano wanted to go. Adam is the play that runs the most and has done alright, henderson can only progress and is still young, downing has had some bad games i agree. Carroll is no worse than torres in his last monts at liverpool

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