21 replies on “Aquilani the king”

  1. scorin loads of goals isnt the only thing that decides wether a player is good or not

  2. The guy has less than 15 goals in his career in almost 150 games…that’s your king?

  3. Welcome to Liverpool. can’t wait to see u more in action 🙂 YNWA

  4. You’re wrong man. the King of Rome and Francesco Totti
    Alberto is a great player, but there wants to be FRANCESCOTOTTI. Hello and always DAJE ROME DAJE

  5. Thanks for the photos! ‘cheers i couldnt get hem from the newspapers’! I wanna see this lad play for Liverpool.

  6. welcome to anfield cant wait to see u scorin goals and terrorisin defenders gud luck YNWA

  7. alberto 4ever!!!!! you are music in me!! you are the Principe di roma e fabriano!!!!!!!!

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