alonso to madrid and aquilani to liverpool

a lot more football vids more than at: Also video clip of ambitions and assists from alonso and aquilani
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18 thoughts on “alonso to madrid and aquilani to liverpool”

  1. one of the reasons that liverpool had a star season 08/09 is beacuse gerrard was up with torres while alonso passed to theme. it is impossible to replace alonso but aquilani will be doing great in liverpool he is very skilled. i just have to say: poor lucas stright back at the bench

  2. gerrard and torres will play upfront together and aquilani will play in MIDFIELD!!

  3. Aquilani is not a stryker so he wont be up front with Torres, he is a midfielder.

  4. Aquilani will not partner Torres. He is a midfield playmaker, a #8. His best position is between Mascherano and Gerrard as Benitez says.

    Gerrard is also a #8 but he has had great success playing in the hole behind the striker, and has a brilliant understanding with Torres, so why change it?

  5. he don’t have to replace alonso… gerrard will be the one fitting that position… aquilani will partner torres upfront

  6. Xabi’s goal v Newcastle from his own half has to be one of the top 20 goals ever scored at Anfield. I’m afraid to say top 10 as you know someone will come back and give it to me.

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