25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani – Welcome to Liverpool FC”

  1. @StevenGfinnan that isnt the only reason he left Roma, he wanted to play CL and at the time LFC were in and Roma were not … hodgson is insane i agree, signing poulsen was a joke. but now he doesnt want to return to lfc because with Juve he has earned a spot back in the Azzurri

  2. @Xx599GTOxX I know he left Roma because of the medical staff. He didnt leave Liverpool because they were rubbish. He said he wanted to stay, but the new manager that is insane(hodgson) loaned him out.

  3. @StevenGfinnan lol Aqua left roma because of medical staff, then he left LFC because they rubbish haha have fun in Europa League .. if that

  4. che stupida che è stata rosella a venderlo! -.- no comment! sono romanista fino al midollo … ma questo non lo doveva fare… ci sono rimasta di merda… sarebbe uno dei giocatori piu forti dell’italia se non si facesse sempre male, xo al liverpool non gioca piu niente… e lippi non l’ha neanche convocato in nazionale!! -.- si è rovinato cosi!

  5. @walshypj its not rafa’s fauly aquilani has got injury problems. hopefully this coming season aquilani can show us why rafa paid 20 million for him

  6. @ChillinVillain1991
    Lol old comment and all, but I wish it had been truer. xD Lucas should only play defense. They had a good thing figured out by the end with Aqua at forward and Gerrard at attacking mid.

  7. @suicidalmonkey83 Probobly if id hadnt been for your ridicioulos medical staff..

  8. Totally agree. I ve seen him play in Roma and I always said this lad is going to be inmense.

  9. i hope anyone who has doubted aqua-man ,better get ready for some apollagies ,i kno it was oly portsmouth, but ya can see the way he plas he wants to run the show,,stand up an be counted, its rafas fualt for not lettin hm off the liesh a few months ago ,his brain is levels above the others an ya cud c the players started to cop him in the way he plays quik passes thru the opposition rather than run thru them hes a type of player who wudint look out of place in barcas side ,he thinks there way

  10. im just annoyed that liverpool paid all that money and he has been injured for like half the season

  11. raheemu2, what the fuck are you talking about ? Alberto is going to cost 18M pounds and could cost upt to 22 M pounds dependind on a few objetives.

  12. Aquilani actually cost liverpool 5 million and the rest of the 10m is epends how many games hw plays apperance installments

  13. Ok what Aquilani you watchin?? He’s a quality player he just needs a run in the side he plays with so much style & can play a fantastic pass he will be amazing for us this season

  14. Clueless. He has been good the last couple of games. Against Tottenham he was great.

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