15 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani V Slovenia 25 03 2011”

  1. @wnm10 Actually I’m sure I’ve watched Pirlo much, much more than you. I was talking about Aquilani’s performance in THIS game, not when he’s playing for Juventus, where he sucks ass. Obviously he is no where near Pirlo’s level, I merely said that the STYLE OF PLAY is similar.

  2. @AzzurroVincerebbero seriously hv u ever seen Pirlo play? Alberto these days looks juz like he has never grown up since his departure in Roma, nowhere near to Pirlo and I can rly hardly understand if we r watching the same video here LOL!

  3. Looks like he was playing well there, always been a gd passer of the ball, still not he should b bought bak to Liverpool, would rather see Pacheco or Shelvey bought in

  4. I think Aquallani and Berbatov are Technically the best Ball controllers in the world

  5. @TheAndrewRoadshow I’m a Liverpool fan and I prefer the 4-3-3. Aquilani, Gerrard and Meireles in the midfield is a good shout but there is no hard tackling ball winner that can dominate the midfield. Lucas would probably be my choice but someone like M’Vila would be much better. Add another younger signing to replace Gerrard and I’d choose Sissoko, who looks very similar to Essien. Its going to be interesting summer cause one could argue that we already have what we need for the midfield

  6. Aquilani almost looks like Andrea Pirlo in this video, in terms of passing, but has added on quality tackling. I think when Pirlo retires from gli Azzurri Aquilani could be a very suitable replacement in his position.

  7. @dsixth Problem with liverpool fans.. they can only see formations in 4-4-2.. Why not go and play 4-3-3 with Gerrard, Aquilani and Meireles… then kuyt carroll and suarez up top? You know Aquilani is as good as Gerrard right? but Meireles is probably better then either of em atm

  8. Never was given a chance. He would be a great opinion this time of the season when the likes of SG is out with a injury. Even playing with him and meireles when we played 3 in the middle.

  9. You know he’s gonna be a great player for Italy but you kinda have a doubt about him making it to Liverpool. Although I’d be very happy to be proved wrong.

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