Alberto Aquilani V Roma 13 11 2010 Juventus V Roma. Alberto Aquilani continued his excellent sort by choosing up an help as Juventus drew 1-1 with Roma in the Serie A.

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  1. In EPL, you dont see defenders like Seria A that gives you all the space. Thats why he look good here.

  2. Benitaz did rly good signings — Torres — Aqualani — Aurelio wow and Milan jovanavic

  3. he looks quick in italy, he is so slow in the prem rafa refused to use him as a cm

  4. @panter92 i dont find him good. he looks so nervous and he is so lazy in the field.

  5. unlike most i thought he was beast when he played for us, underrated. Bring Him Back.

  6. You Liverpool fans really do blame Roy, huh? Truth is that Aquilani does not fit in PL as good as in Seria A. Truth is, that you did not gave him playing time when you had him under your now-inter coach.. Truth is.. Liverpool has not become a worse club under Roy, I could see it last season: you need better players if you want to challenge your great history. Same thing with Juve only we have the luck stealing your Aquaman to add him in our XI 😉

  7. Actually juve made a great deal selling Poulsen and loaning Aquilani in. In Italy we all knew he was a great player and only unlucky caused by injuries. We all knew that once being fit he would have been an excelent playmaker, one of the best in the europe. Actually Felipe Melo seems a new player beside him. now the Juve’s midfield is great: AQUILANI, Melo, Marchisio e MILOS KRASIC!!

  8. @usualsuspect1 Serie A has together wit Premiere League the tightest markings in the world. The reason it looks like he aint being closed down is because, when you try he will attract 2-3 players and then play the ball… he has great technique and awarenes, not to forget passing! aint as easy as it looks!

  9. @Beatdown2k8 True say, Can’t believe he’s brought in Konchesky among others, making the team even more average than it already is. Shame, i used to enjoy watching Liverpools champions league nights!

  10. @gingermadman Of course, you must be either a hotspur or Manc in the know that the longer RH stays as manager of pool, the better it is or you. Let me tell you this, the only thing RH has achieved in pool is lowering the expectations of everything Liverpool. In six years, Houllier gave us hope. In another six years, Benitez made us dream. In the mere 4 months that Hodgson was here, he destroyed all our hopes and dreams. Hear that..

  11. @panter92 yeah, blaming a manager after a couple months is the best thing to do. Damn, football fans are morons.

  12. the fact that he played in LFC & learnt a lot of the physical side of the english game put him in such a better position to play again in the italian league. Like other comments said, the close down and time given to Aqua man was much more than he would have got playing for LFC.
    Though his skills and confident is much better now by playing many consecutive games.
    I wish he could be back and help LFC again. But maybe his position would overlap with Gerrard, just like as I 1st thought 2yr ago.

  13. pretty average that, he wasnt closed down n given time on the ball..that doesnt happen in the premiership. the cross for the assist wasnt closed down at all either

  14. Might aswell as sold him, he won’t be coming back to lfc, he’s doing well at Juve, and has recently been called back in to the national team. Juventus will buy him in summer for a cut price of 10-13 million, we could of used that money in the summer that we didnt have to buy a striker/winger or two but instead Roy Flopson thought we’d be ok with Poorsen and Cuntchesky in our team!

  15. @BatesAvfc joe cole was awesome once upon a time. His legs have gone and hes played out of position. Pacheco should have been yossis replacement, but obviously a certain someone cant see a good footballer if it went up to him and punched him the face.

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