Alberto Aquilani V Genoa Match Compilation 21.11.2010 Alberto Aquilani turned up another efficient efficiency for Juventus in the Serie A sport V Genoa. Aquilani was the heartbeat of the midfield and kept the stability among assault and defence. Juventus have been eventual 2- winenrs around Genoa.
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25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani V Genoa Match Compilation 21.11.2010”

  1. @Moemussa
    because they hired a disabled manager intend on destroying the club

  2. OMG! 2:26!….Thank you woy hojsen. You could’ve given him more playing time,thats all he needed under you. But No! i prefer to farm him out. Goodness,we’ve lost such a jewel. Look at his passes!!..he sprays them effortlessly.

  3. Hodgson loan him coz he wants him to recover his fitness n confidence there. Hodgson bring back Aquilani n sell Poulsen!!

    We need fantastic midfielders!!

    Gerrard+Meireles+Lucas+Aquilani = Unstoppable!!

  4. @andresparra
    Sorensen is really a wonderful surprise
    thanks Paratici for this gift!

    great video btw! 😉

  5. Thank you very very much Hogdson:Poulsen for Aquilani!

    I can’t believe that exist a person who buy him!

  6. @icerkid i know but i can’t see him coming back tbh. Juventus have the option to buy him, and Aquilani has said a few times that he wants to stay at Juventus

  7. Wow if they decide to buy him 4 good, his partnership with melo will become world class if he stays injury free..Good to see him shining!!

  8. So much class!. This Juventus midfield is turning into a pragmatic powerhouse, nothing flashy, just great passes, great tackles, perfect control and a lot of sacrifice and love for that magical shirt, just the way we Juve fans love it!

    Btw, Quagliarella is playing so good!

    Ohh, and what about that Sorensen kid.

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