25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani V Brescia Match Compilation by MilanKakaBaros”

  1. @fernandoalonsoynwa
    Yeah sometimes it can be boring and slow-paced, but then again there are fantastic matches such as Milan vs Udinese 4-4.

  2. Serie A is “boring” for many for a reason. Not saying anything about Italian football, but, the EPL is much more physical and fast paced. Serie A plays a slower pace of Football. I don’t see Aquilani making it for Liverpool, and that’s okay, because he’d have more of a future in Italy anyway.

  3. @GamestarSonderheft you watch alot of serie a , wow , i just cant sit through 1 whole game , its so boring,

    not trying to start a row , just saying .

  4. @fernandoalonsoynwa
    I don’t know exactly who he is, but I watch Serie A on FSC quite often, and most of their commentators have Italian names, maybe they’re originally from there.

  5. @GamestarSonderheft im pretty sure the commentator is english, if not then i retract what i said , but im quite sure he’s english

  6. @fernandoalonsoynwa
    Not me, the commentator is Italian, the player is Italian, why should’nt they pronounce it that way?

  7. I seriously hope Kenny brings him back for next season because he is such a good player & shouldn’t have been loaned out to Juventus because he is better than most of our midfield Meireles & Gerrard excluded because if we had those 2 & Aquilani in the middle of the park we would dominate games plus we’d have the right mix of power & creativity

  8. @markle100 BTW I respect your opinion. After all we are all just sharing opinions. Just incase you think I’m snapping back at you. 🙂

  9. @markle100 So we loan Aquilani out and rush buy Poulsen. We loan out Insua a settled player and rush buy konchesky. I don’t see your logic to defend that . We RIGHT NOW would have a slight stronger team with them here than without them. I think if Kenny was in at the start of the season they would be here as opinions. It was not thought by people with football minds. Think about that time: Roy plus shit signings (Raul best thing that happened). If it wasn’t broke then why is it now fixed?

  10. @markle100 I disagree. Many LFC fans share the same opinion. Insua is and WAS a far better option than Konchesky. Now he may not be world class but he was decent youngster who already created assists and scored for us. Aquilani was not injured when he was loaned out why would a other team want to loan a injured player? He recovered thanks to OUR medal staff and resources yet now wasted on a other team. When he did play he showed good signs. He was pushed out by suits at LFC not football people.

  11. @N0NST0PKOP tbh konchesky was actually good for fulham and although turned out to be not quite good enough for the shirt he was still better than insua. and loaning aquilani out was definitely not a bad decision, he was injured, not really in the team, playing with zero confidence and didnt have a place in the team. bringing him back now would be a considerably better idea, after all he’s still a reds player. but yeah, poulsen’s a fucking joke 🙂

  12. @sexyrexyx3 Sure but you could visibly see him bottle it a number of times in 50/50 challenges, once other players sense that they will run all over you in the EPL

  13. I think it is a complete joke that we loaned him out. Really disrespectful to Aquilani. I blame Purslow for thinking he has a footballers mind and Roy for caving in and letting him go. I thank Purslow for his other work however loaning out a CM and a LB WHEN WE NEEDED THEM was silly. Then we rush buy Konchesky and Poulsen. I’m sorry but Insua and Aquilani are far better players with more years ahead of them.

  14. It is so STUPID that we loaned him out. Look at us now. Stevie G is out and we have lack of control in the middle with Spearing (no disrespect to the lad). While Aquilani is out playing very well. He could have made LFC his home this season under Kenny. This season we have played 3 in the middle at times. Image Aquilani, Steve and Meireles. Instead of Maxi, Cole Poulsen. Think even more! Aquilani’s freekicks delivery with Carroll in the team. I hope he gets a chance at LFC again.

  15. @ivanjuventino We (Liverpool) drew and beat Napoli’s first team with our second string while they were second in Serie A and we were rubbish in 12th or something! I’d prefer to watch Spanish, German, French football over Italian anyday.

  16. the commentator was a bit annoying but a nice select of clips of Aqualani.
    I have to say he is the type of Alonso player that Liverpool miss. Able to pull the strings in midfield, able to see a pass from 40-50 yards and able to successfully pass it that distance.
    But he`s not suited to the EPL, too quick and physcal, which is a shame.

  17. Thanks alot Roy you swapped Aquilani for Poulsen no wonder you were sacked you know fuck all about football. If he was still in charge he would have sold Torres for 10 million and we would have Zamora and Andy Johnson up front

  18. aquallani could have done wonders with king kenny if it wasent for that idiot roy :/

  19. @BassFishingOnToast Ever better than premier “tennis” league, where every games to finish with 4-5-6 gol of difference

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