25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani – Tiro impossibile in real madrid – As Roma (Aquilani lurido gobbo mercenario)”

  1. uno che sceglie la Juve non è mai mercenario,specie se una società di merda lo ha ceduto perchè era coi debiti fino all’ultima punta dei capelli,forza Alberto

  2. Beautiful shots and a great save from Casillas for that 2nd one! I really hope Aquilani finds his best form again with Juventus, he was pure magic with Roma!

  3. Guardate come dopo il palo di Aquilani il tipo CAGANDOSI ADDOSSO ammaina la bandiera Bianca!!!!HAHAHAAHHAHHAHA CAGOOOONNIIII!!

  4. @withoutn
    meireles is not trash!!!He has been so consistent!!!poulsen surely is!
    get aqua back next season,play something like 4-5-1,with gerrard,meireles and aqua in center with either of them going upfront to support elnino….that’s classy!
    and for fuck’s sake we gotta get rid of roy and that baldy konchesky!!!!insua was better.YNWA

  5. @tido1003

    Agree. Meireles and Poulsen are trash. They don’t fit liverpool at all. Aquilani should have stayed.

  6. @ElNinoLalibre then there will be a huge defensive fragility in midfield. liverpool need to replace mascherano asap before they do anything

  7. @tido1003
    yh but imagine a midfield with aquilani (hopefully when he is bac from loaan) and meireles….with gerrard upfront with torres!

  8. Liverpool should not have signed neither meireles nor poulsen but should have kept aquilani cause he is better than them!!!

  9. Rehabilitated and fully fit, gift wrapped and given to Juventus at a bargain. Why, Roy? WHY?!

  10. Come fai a videre aquilani lurido mercenario? è stata la Sensi a venderlo non lui che sen’è voluto andare!

  11. @Adeel2k11 have you seen him playing him for juve this season..expecting a callup for azzuri…
    grande aquilani.
    forza juve

  12. he wil nevar regain his superb form…..so italy will strugle to qualify ..

    no talent in italy..few are,cassano,balotelli ,giovinco, in mid old man pirlo,de rossi and in defence still poor …right now italy means cassano and pirlo…

    this is the italy isnt like 2002 ,,,so poooor. they have to dvelop santon,santacroce,ranochia,cri­cisto,verdi,macheda….italy will surely struggle

    trevordias7 1 day ago

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