Alberto Aquilani – The first season in Liverpool

One thing I and Tintin worked on. He manufactured the 1st thirty seconds and I produced the rest. It took me like one month to make it, because of to various issues (no footage, mkb cc8…..), so that is why, and I have to apologise him too. Anyways, here it is. Hope you get pleasure from it. 🙂
Video Rating: three / 5

18 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani – The first season in Liverpool”

  1. @Bianconer8TV . Ja sei qual é a musica… Collapse Under The Empire – Far To The Past… Obrigadao…

  2. Na lucas isnt better than aquilani, give alberto the 3 years lucas got to settle and he would be great.

  3. @carpenteraaa11 I don’t think he’s better than Lucas. I believe Aquilani’s main problem in England was the difficult adaptation, it’s like something that every Italian has in England =/

  4. he wasn’t given a chance at liverpool to prove himself 🙁 certainly better than Lucas

  5. roy made a big mistake sending him back ……..!!!!
    i wish he will not settle in juventus and come back next season …..!!!

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