Alberto Aquilani

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Alberto Aquilani…the best!!!

Alberto Aquilani…nn serve dire altro!!!
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25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani…the best!!!

  1. ahah …l’ha preso il napoli ?? ahah..cmq nn si è infortunato come credevano in molti anzi forse è l’unico nella juventus che nn ha avuto problemi quest’anno ..:D grande principe

  2. aqua coast Liverpool 5 million upfront the rest is in instalments and on appearance etc….. FACTso 20 million you wish!!!!

  3. 20 milioni..lo sckifo è che servono per paga’ gli stipendi annuali der CDA della roma…rosella parassita

  4. welcome to liverpool…

    just one thing he has to know straight away, that nr 8 shirt, not gonna happen with the reds 😉

    hope he can do well


  5. if mascherano is confirmed staying n tiz guy playing alongside him and the two partners which is gerrard n torres forward, tats goina be 100%,tat the title is ours… cum o liverpool.. YNWA…

  6. wow good video best i have seen of him now i am confident he can replace alonso welcome to liverpool YNWA

  7. i believe this guy can do well to replace alonso. if u notice, alonso cant run much. he can only give far shots n crosses. but this guy can do both. really hope he joins liverpool togather with silva

  8. si ma alla fine è dell’84 tanto giovane nn è..quindi o si da una mossa a diventare un grande oppure ciccia

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