25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani – the best goals for AS Roma”

  1. @ihavenokegson in italy, the only rivalry thats really filled with hatred is between lazio and roma.
    like i love roma.
    but id love to play for juventus, even though my favorite team is ac milan
    he wasnt booed by the roma fans during the juventus v roma game.
    besides, he only came to juventus so he could come back to italy.

  2. @ihavenokegson actually, roma choose to sell him because of economical problems and after a difficult year in England . Playing at Juventus is just a way to come back in Italia .

  3. How can anyone claim to love Roma, then join Juventus?
    Fuck you Alberto.
    I hope you get the money you wanted so badly.

  4. Now that we have sent him out on loan, our central midfield now consists of Gerrard, Lucas and fucking Poulsen…. nice move Roy!!

    Actually, lets hope this is the opposite to Houllier and Benitez… they started off great and went crazy so hopefully Roy Hodgson can start off crazy and make us better and better… lol 😉

    Lets get him back though!!!

  5. Re sartojob 1st song is called ‘Hey Now Now by The Cloud Room’ Why you call that guy motherfucker?? 😀

  6. So Juve have an option to buy at the end of the season? Well good luck, hope you return Alberto! All the best!

  7. @JuventinoSuper99 lol la pensi ancora così ?? e poi del piero è attaccante aquilani centrocampista come fai a paragonarli loooooooooooool aquilani è un grandissimo con di fianco marchisio vedrai k centrocampo

  8. @Juventus170191 k centrocampoooooooooooooooo
    qualità altissima entrambi sanno difendere e impostare, corrono entrambi un casino, hanno dei piedi buonissimi, entrambi si sanno inserire coi tempi giusto (soprattutto marchisio) e entrambi hanno il tiro da fuori (soprattutto aquilani) *__*

  9. @delmago1 remember that at the end of the season we can buy aquilani, though liverpool want to hold him because we have entered into a loan with the right of redemption.. sorry for the bad english

  10. Well said hes invaluable in my opinion! Apart from Gerrard Torres and now Cole Aquilani was the only match winner, who could make something happen, Juventus get Aquilani for a season and 4mil for Poulsen! I bet they’re laughing in our faces.

  11. @AxelCloud92 aquilani alla juve!!!!!!!!!!!!! e i riommisti sosicano come criceti in calore!

  12. i support arsenal and i have to say roy hodgson is the biggest idiot in the world for loaning (and practically selling) him, he is one of liverpools best passers and suprise suprise lucas is still there

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