25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani knocked out by Referee Juventus vs Sampdoria 23-01-2011”

  1. id take him back now. i tink dalglish wud make him great.
    under rafa it was hard to play cuz he was always injured. hopefully his injuries are behind him. hes much better than charile adam too

  2. @EP4LFC – who cares. He came to Liverpool and was nicknamed crystal bones. The guy is a wimp

  3. @smiggyinthemix you obviously dont know anything about football. He’s been one of the best midfielders in the Serie A all season.

  4. @goonersfan2011 he is still on loan, but i think he want to stay. kinda sad because we could use him in LFC now!

  5. @lFcReD2k9 Well they will be at the end of the season. He won’t be in a Liverpool shirt again.

  6. @Sillu24 Stile Juventus. Dai che forse quest’anno ci andate in Champions con tutti i soldi che avete speso quest’estate. Siete meglio del Genoa.

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