25 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani fantastic skill and goal ! Sampdoria 0-0 Roma highlights (2009/2010)”

  1. When did he say that. And btw we don’t need old players, he will probably wants to return when he’s 30 year or something when Milan doesn’t need him anymore.

  2. Believe me he will NOT. I am Roma fan too but I don’t think he will return. If he does he I would be happy of course. But I will stay with Bilan.

  3. Aquilani pride of AS Roma, no ..hang on…welcome to Liverpool!…Wait…welcome to Juventus!….Hold on…What the…Welcome to AC Milan!

  4. io tifo inter ma devo ammettere che aquilani e’ un gran bel centrocampista…….

  5. davvero… quella dovrebbe fungere da monito…. a parte de rossi e totti gli altri sono tutti mercenari…

  6. I wish you wanted to stay alberto. The liverpool fans know how good you are, and how shit your replacements being brought in are bound to be. Its insane that we have always tried to force him out the club

  7. Erm, no, he went to Real Madrid because it was his dream. H&G obviously accepted because £35m would go a long way in servicing the crippling debt on the club at the time. It had fuck all to do with Rafa, get your facts right.

  8. Allora con la Triestina 41 presenze e 4 gol,con la roma 101 presenze e 9 gol,con il liverpool 18 presenze e 1 gol,con la juve 33 presenze e 2 gol,pè non parlare del rendimento…una cosa pietosa… un giocatore troppo ma troppo sopravvalutato…è un giocatore come tanti,punto è basta…raccomandato da qnd c aveva 16 anni….aquilani vali sì e no 3-4 milioni di euro,non di più…

  9. @OJRMFG thats because he loves liverpool. he moved to real presuming he lives there or real was his fav team as a kid growing up

  10. @OJRMFG

    alonso is one of historical players of liverpool so no metter what he choose he still the kop legend

  11. Gran bel giocatore, mi dispiace per com’è andata alla Juventus… avrei preferito lui a Pazienza, ma sicuramente con TUTT’ALTRO ATTEGGIAMENTO IN CAMPO, niente passeggiatori alla Juventus

  12. @OJRMFG Alonso didnt leave for his dream club, he was forced out by Rafa, he loves Liverpool…

  13. too late now, he doesnt wna stay in england :/ all the loan did was made him realise how much he missed italian football 🙁
    i was excited to see him perform for liverpool at full fitness :/

  14. @OJRMFG he just doesnt take any shit mate. if rafa hadnt tried to replace him with barry in the first place i believe he would still be a liverpool player.

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