22 thoughts on “Alberto Aquilani Debut Compilation”

  1. @larney1234 i want rafa out too. but jose mourinho wont come to liverpool. hes a coach who likes a bit of money. also he is very controlling of his super stars. just look at balotelli and wat he did with. he made an example out of the young lad. but i would love for mourinho to come to anfield

  2. i knw he is worth it, i was just angry after the reading defeat, we need to sack rafa and get jose mourinho

  3. mate im a hardcore liverpool fan and he is definatley a player with quality as shown against portsmouth lasts night. he jst hasnt proved it to us yet because rafa doesnt have faith in him. but with 20 mill i would have definatley preffered gourcuff to.

  4. the pass was to degen, plus i’m a rock hard Liverpool fan, after yesterdays performance against reading he doesn’t look that good, AND DEFO NOT WORTH £20 MILLION, SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT YOANN GOURCUFF, WITH THAT MONEY.


  5. Hopefully Liverpool with all their money and resource can make him a stronger player, unlike Roma. He’s without doubt one of the best when fit. Can’t forget his game against Real Madrid in both legs, he was monstrous!

  6. you’re right but the problem is that it’s 2 years he’s not at 100%….risky sign!

  7. ha fatto pure na bella partita..e ce stava un rigore grosso come na casa per il liverpool su rovega di aquilani!!…Daje Albe..sei troppo forte!!!

  8. you missed the massive pass he did to kuyt.. amazing that was, just shows how much quality he has, cant wait till he is 100percent

  9. wat a bicycle kick tht was …n it was defo a penalty …best player on the pitch wen he came on !!!

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