25 thoughts on “ALBERTO AQUILANI!!!”

  1. ahora es que vine fijarme de este comentario jajaja
    lo siento pero no te entendí… io non capisco niente 😛

  2. spero che un giorno tu possa tornare da noi…in bocca al lupo x la tua avventura tutta inglese..

  3. hes faster, stronger, willing to cover more area, can score more goals then alonso. alonso is a better passer of the ball i reckon hes one of the best passers in the world, defensively am not sure whos better i think alonso might be slightly better…………so overall depending of what type of player you want for you team i reckon hes a good buy.however he is injury prone and rafa knows this everyone knows, i reckon rafas medical staff checked him and made the judgement hes worth buying.

  4. je pijasse un colpo a quella mignotta infame della SENSI


  5. Sad to see Alonso go but good luck to him, he was good for us.
    However, lets move forward and hopefully this guy will be the business. Maybe play him just in front of Mach and just behind Gerrard. Looks like he’s got a keen eye for goal. Fingers crossed.
    PS. Lets not forget who replaced Kevin Keegan….the rest is history !!!

  6. Oh good. I’ve not seen him play much, so just a bit weary of him. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  7. alot more of an attacking player than alonso not affraid to take on defenders and have a shot on goal… he is deffinatly worth the money in my oppinion and more consistant than alonso : )

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